Google Cloud Next'17 , March 8–10, 2017 San Francisco



Next 17 Keynote Spotlight

--- Next '17: Day 1 Keynote (Highlights in 4 min)
--- Next '17: Day 2 Keynote Highlights
--- Next '17: G Suite Keynote Highlights
--- Cloud Spanner Live Demo
--- Next Demo: Modernizing Legacy Applications
--- Next Demo: Integrated Data Platform
--- Security Demo: Data Loss Prevention API
--- Security Demo: Identity Aware Proxy

Mobility & Devices

101 How single purpose devices are transforming the workplace
102 Connected Retail & Devices
103 Reimagining Education with Technology
104 Google on Google: How Google manages it own employees' devices
201 Security First for a Mobile First Strategy
202 Introducing Google Cloud mobility solutions
203 Greater enterprise mobility: what's new and what's ahead for Android
205 Android Mobile Strategies, Chrome Device Management, and Android ecosystem
206 Using Android apps on Chromebooks for greater productivity and flexibility
207 Simple, flexible, and secure Chrome OS solutions built for the future
208 How to use Chromebooks to build and advance teams
209 What's new with Chrome browser for enterprise and Chrome enterprise support
301 Enterprise app development best practices + deployment (A)
303 Google Security Services for Android : Mobile Protections at Google Scale

Infrastructure & Operations

--- Waze: migrating a multi million user app to Google Cloud Platform
104 How Enterprises Migrate (Securely) to Cloud
105 The Innovation behind Google’s Data Centers
106 Open as a Disruptor for Government
107 Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones
201 Deciding between Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine and more
202 Supercharge performance using GPUs in the cloud
203 Google Container Engine - The easiest way to use containers in production
204 Designing reliable systems with cloud infrastructure
206 Stackdriver: monitor, diagnose, and fix
207 Alerting best practices - the thin line between informing and over-informing
208 Writing Infinitely Scalable and High Performance Apps with App Engine
210 Cloud networking solutions that support hybrid cloud workloads
211 Gaining full control over your organization's cloud resources
212 Case Study: A peek into how Vendasta uses Google's security posture
213 Improving utilization and portability with containers
214 Managing encryption of data in the cloud
215 The ins and outs of networking in Google Container Engine and Kubernetes
216 Lessons from Google Cloud customers
216 Lessons learned from securing both Google and Google Cloud customers
217 Large scale and batch computing on Google Compute Engine
218 Sensitive data management for collaborative research clouds
219 Lifecycle of a migrated application
220 Deploying Windows-based infrastructure on Google Compute Engine
224 Take your ASP.NET apps to the next level with Google Cloud
225 Best Practices for Enterprise Bots
226 Guide to Google Cloud Platform billing
227 Google Cloud Platform for day-to-day ITOps
230 Cloud Spanner 101: Google's mission-critical relational database
232 From blobs to relational tables: Where do I store my Data?
234 Selecting the right storage class for your use-case
235 How Descartes Labs uses PostgreSQL on GCP
236 Designing and implementing disaster recovery systems in GCP
237 Managing the hybrid data lifecycle
238 Hybrid Cloud Storage Tiering with Google Cloud Storage
240 Cloud tools for intaking and visualizing data at scale
242 Storage on GCP: building solutions for media, financial services and more
243 Google Infrastructure Security Design
244 Metrics that matter
301 24/7 resiliency
302 Best practices for Identity and Access Management on Compute Engine
304 Globally scalable microservices
305 Scaling pools of workers with Managed Instance Groups
305 Scalable Deployments and Updates in Compute Engine
306 Build user trust: running containers securely with Google Container Engine
307 ABCs of Google Container Engine: tips and best practices
308 Spinnaker: continuous delivery from first principles to production
310 Keeping patient healthcare data secure on Cloud Platform
311 Saving Money on Compute Engine
312 Best practices for managing Container Engine Clusters across multiple teams
313 Kubernetes and Google Container Engine
314 Google Container Engine and the path to cloud-native operations
317 Third-party networking solutions for layer 7 networking on GCP
318 Optimize Cloud SQL performance and availability
319 Persistent Disk Deep Dive
320 Cloud Spanner 201: getting the most out of Cloud Spanner
321 Google Cloud Storage: tips for reliability, performance and scalability
323 Running Microsoft SQL Server on Google Compute Engine
324 Bigtable in action
326 Building scalable apps with Cloud Datastore
328 Google Cloud Platform's resilient and scalable software-defined cloud
343 Smart, Secure, and Modern app delivery for enterprises and cloud-natives
344 A cloud networking blueprint for securing your workloads
401 How to create a secure environment and on-prem with Virtual Private Clouds

Collaboration & Productivity

--- Building stronger teams with team-based functionality
105 Make time: Why we spend our most productive time on the wrong things
106 Going cloud native: tips for reducing total cost of ownership with G Suite
107 Driving product excellence with user feedback
108 Learning Technology & Machine Learning
110 Insider's Guide: How to Upgrade to G Suite Seamlessly
111 G Suite on retainer: empowering legal teams
113 New Google Docs integrations to streamline your workflows
201 A look into usability design at Google
204 Jamboard: Brainstorming and ideation on a cloud-powered whiteboard
205 Trust in the Cloud: The Flawed Premise of On-Premise Solutions
206 Enterprise security on your mind? G Suite tools can help.
207 Transforming company culture with Google+
208 The Future of the Meeting Room
209 Make Your Data Work For You: Master Dashboards with Data Studio and Sheets
211 One CIO's Experience Making a Real Difference Through the Power of Cloud
212 Getting the most out of Google Admin Reports and BigQuery
214 Building a video conferencing culture
215 Build powerful custom apps fast with App Maker on G Suite
215 Recommended for G Suite Apps Program: Fill in your software stack
218 Close the deal with G Suite: empowering sales teams
219 G Suite: Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance
220 The future of team communications
223 Trends in data security for email
224 Gmail Add-ons: A new way to integrate your app into Gmail
301 Building enterprise-ready apps with the Team Drives API
301 Team Drives: the collaborative, enterprise file server in the cloud
304 Building G Suite add-ons with Google Apps Script
305 Using Google Apps Script to automate G Suite
308 Machine learning powering the workforce: Quick Access in Google Drive
309 Automating internal processes using Apps Script and APIs for Docs editors
401 Building more reliable integrations with G Suite Reseller APIs

Connected Business Platform

101 Enabling distributed digital business with API-first architecture
102 Apigee Edge Product Roadmap
104 APIs and Artificial Intelligence
105 API Product Management
201 API Design and What's new with Open API?
202 Integrate and automate with G Suite Marketplace apps
203 Using Google's Identity as a Service (IDaaS) for GCP and G Suite
204 Accelerating your development with Cloud Launcher and Orbitera
205 Implementing reusable and consistent policies for your APIs at scale
206 Google Cloud Endpoints: serving your API to the world
207 Using Apigee Edge to create and publish APIs that developers love
214 Location-powered, on-demand economy: providing value with Google Maps APIs
215 Make better business decisions with Google Maps
223 Authenticating service-to-service calls with Google Cloud Endpoints
228 Google Cloud Jobs API: How to power your search for the best talent
229 Securing the enterprise by securing APIs
230 Orbitera & Apigee: Accelerating Monetization
311 Manage the full API lifecycle with Edge API platform

Big Data & Machine Learning

--- Business Value of Machine Learning and Big Data
--- Find and Manage your Video Catalog with Machine Learning
101 Introduction to big data: tools that deliver deep insights
102 Optimizing the Value of Data Processing
103 Business benefits of machine learning: embed ML into your apps
104 Machine Learning APIs by Example
105 Cloud computing for Higher Education
107 Apache Beam: From the Dataflow SDK to the Apache Big Data Ecosystem
201 Apache Beam: Portable and Parallel Data Processing
202 How to use Apache Spark MLlib to train and run machine learning models
203 Data Modeling for BigQuery
204 How to architect a collaborative big data platform
205 Open source data processing on Google Cloud Platform
206 Accelerating Investor Insight: Commercial Data on GCP
207 Auto-awesome: advanced data science on Google Cloud Platform
208 GCP Public Datasets Program: Share and analyze large-scale global datasets
209 Data processing: Achieving optimal performance automatically
210 Moving back and forth between batch and stream processing
211 Firebase analytics for BigQuery
212 Easily prepare data for analysis with Google Cloud
213 Nest on GCP: Real-time IoT analytics and algorithms at enterprise scale
214 Processing data at scale with Google Cloud Bigtable, Dataflow, and Dataproc
215 Game changer: GCP's analytics tools to gather & envision game telemetry & data (Cloud Next '17)
216 Accelerating Marketing Insight with Google Cloud
217 Migrating your data warehouse to Google BigQuery: Lessons Learned
219 Large-scale data ingest on GCP
220 IoT Solution on Google Cloud
221 IoT and Cloud for Industrial Applications
222 Transform customer service with machine learning
223 Your next app might be a bot! Building conversational UX with API.AI
224 Reimagining human computer interaction with Cloud Speech API
225 Extending the Google Assistant with Actions on Google
226 Preventing Overfishing with Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics
227 BigQuery and Cloud Machine Learning: advancing neural network predictions
230 TensorFlow and Deep Learning without a PhD, Part 1
231 Introduction to Google Cloud Machine Learning
232 Transform Retail with Machine Learning: Find & Recommend products
234 Selecting the right storage class for your use-case
301 Visualizing big data on Google Cloud
302 Serverless data processing with Google Cloud Dataflow
302 Ten common causes of downtime and how to avoid them
303 Advanced BigQuery features: keys to the cloud datawarehouse of the future
304 Moving your Spark and Hadoop workloads to Google Cloud Platform
305 Monitoring and improving your big data applications
306 Securing and managing your big data environment
307 TensorFlow and Deep Learning without a PhD, Part 2
308 Lifecycle of a machine learning model
309 On-device machine learning: TensorFlow on Android
310 A GCP developer's guide to building real-time data analysis pipelines

Application Development

102 What to consider when developing mobile apps
103 Location as a force multiplier: redefining what's possible for enterprises
104 How Kubernetes Works: Community Velocity & Contributions
106 Startups share insights on building enterprise solutions
201 Navigating Google Cloud Platform: a guide for new GCP users
202 You can run that on App Engine?
203 Container management and deployment: from development to production
204 Zero to App: Live coding an app with Firebase and GCP
205 Serverless computing options with Google Cloud Platform
208 Using Google Container Engine to deploy scalable and secure PHP applications
209 Developing made easy on Google Cloud Platform
210 Power your Java workloads on Google Cloud Platform
211 Running .NET Containers Google Cloud Platform
212 Introduction to container development in Google Cloud Platform
213 Stretching your DevOps dollar with App Engine
214 Running open-source Databases on Google Cloud Platform
302 Ten common causes of downtime and how to avoid them
303 Building high performance microservices with Kubernetes, Go, and gRPC
304 Developing for speed: minimizing app latency at scale
305 Apps Script monitoring and analytics with Stackdriver Logging and BigQuery
306 Bringing billions of eBay listings together using Cloud Bigtable to support new shopping experiences
307 Building massive online worlds with SpatialOS and Google Cloud Platform
308 Google Cloud Functions and Firebase
309 Designing secure UX into your products
310 Building serverless applications with Google Cloud Functions
312 Microservices and Kubernetes: New functionality to build and operate apps
313 Google Cloud Platform loves Ruby
315 Google Maps APIs - Overview
316 Location-based gaming: trends and outlook
317 The primary key to location intelligence
318 Development best practices for mobile and web service APIs
319 The power of Geolocation


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