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08/16 Exploring the Business Use Cases for Amazon Polly
08/16 Deep Learning for Data Scientists: Using Apache MXNet and R on AWS
08/29 Integrate Your Amazon Lex Chatbot with Any Messaging Service
08/29 Using Jupyter Notebooks to Run Deep Learning Algorithms
09/15 Announcing Amazon Lex
09/15 An Overview of AI on the AWS Platform
09/15 Introducing Amazon Lex: Service for Building Voice/Text Chatbots
09/15 How to get the most out of Polly, Leveraging Lexicons and SSML
09/19 Use Amazon Polly to Create Apps that Talk
09/19 Build and Deploy Chatbots Fast with Amazon Lex
09/19 Integrate Your Amazon Lex Chatbot with Any Messaging Service
09/19 What's New with Amazon Rekognition
09/19 Exploring the Business Use Cases for Amazon Lex
09/19 Exploring the Business Use Cases for Amazon Rekognition
09/19 Exploring the Business Use Cases for Amazon Machine Learning
09/26 Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) with Apache MXNet
10/24 Deep Learning on AWS with TensorFlow
10/25 Working with Amazon Lex Chatbots in Amazon Connect
11/14 Sentiment Analysis Using Apache MXNet and Gluon
11/15 Bringing Characters to Life with Amazon Polly Text to Speech
12/12 Getting Started with ML in AdTech

Big Data

07/13 Building Metadata Catalogs for Data Lakes with Elasticsearch Service
07/27 Emerging Prevalence of Data Streaming in Analytics and it's Business Significance
09/14 Tackle Your Dark Data Challenge with AWS Glue
09/14 Best Practices for Processing Managed Hadoop Workloads
09/15 Deep Dive on Amazon QuickSight
09/15 Deploying a Data Lake on AWS
09/15 Log Analytics with Amazon Elasticsearch Service & Kinesis
09/19 Building Analytics Pipelines for Games on AWS
09/19 Serverless Big Data Analytics - Amazon Athena & Amazon Quicksight
09/19 Streaming ETL for Data Lakes using Amazon Kinesis Firehose
09/19 Migrating Big Data Workloads to Amazon EMR
09/19 Amazon Redshift Spectrum: Quickly Query Exabytes of Data in S3
09/19 Building Big Data Applications with Serverless Architectures
10/10 Real-time Analytics using Data from IoT Devices
10/10 Serverless Analytics - Amazon Redshift Spectrum, AWS Glue, and Amazon QuickSight
11/07 Real-time Application Monitoring with Amazon Kinesis and Amazon CloudWatch
11/09 Amazon Elasticsearch Service Security Deep Dive & VPC
12/05 Deploying Business Analytics at Enterprise Scale


07/12 Scalable Immersive Media Solutions on AWS Using EC2 Spot Instances
07/13 Managing WordPress on Amazon Lightsail
08/15 Save 90% on Your Containerized Workloads
08/17 Deep Dive on Lambda@Edge
09/14 Using AWS Batch and AWS Step Functions to Design and Run High Throughput Workflows
09/15 Announcing Amazon Lightsail
09/15 Deep Dive on AWS Lambda
09/15 Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Instances
09/15 Getting the Most Out of the New EC2 Reserved Instances
09/15 Deep Dive on Amazon Cognito
09/15 Building a Development Workflow for Serverless Applications
09/19 Licensing Windows Workloads on AWS
09/19 Getting the most bang for your buck with EC2 Spot
09/19 Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 F1 Instance
09/19 Scaling Up Tenfold with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances
09/19 Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs
09/19 DevOps with Visual Studio, .NET and AWS
10/10 Running Rendering Workloads on AWS with Deadline
11/09 Set it and Forget it Auto Scaling Target Tracking Policies
11/09 Run Your CI/CD Pipeline at Scale for a Fraction of the Cost - AWS Online Tech Talk
11/09 Simplify Microsoft Windows Server Management with Amazon Lightsail
12/05 Run Your HPC Workload at Scale for a Fraction of the Cost
12/06 Elastic Load Balancing Deep Dive
12/12 Deep Dive on New Amazon EC2 Instances and Virtualization Technologies


09/12 Managing Secrets for Containers with Amazon ECS
09/19 Containerized Microservices on AWS
09/19 Building a CICD Pipeline for Container Deployment to Amazon ECS
09/19 Batch Processing with Containers on AWS
10/26 Using the New Network Load Balancer with Amazon ECS
11/09 Managing Container Images with Amazon ECR
12/12 Containers on AWS: What You Missed at re:Invent 2017


07/12 Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on AWS
07/12 Convert and Migrate Your NoSQL Database or Data Warehouse to AWS
08/17 Auto Scaling in Amazon DynamoDB
09/12 What's New with Amazon DynamoDB
09/14 Deep Dive on MySQL Databases on AWS
09/14 Migrating Your Oracle Database to PostgreSQL
09/15 Announcing Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility
09/15 Consolidate MySQL Shards Into Amazon Aurora Data using AWS DMS
09/15 Migrate SQL Server or Oracle into Amazon Aurora using DMS
09/19 Managed Database Services on Amazon Web Services
09/19 Migrate from Oracle to Amazon Aurora using AWS Schema
09/19 Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX): DynamoDB Just Got Faster
10/26 Consolidate MySQL Shards Into Amazon Aurora Using AWS Database Migration Service - AWS Tech Talks
11/09 Deep Dive on Amazon DynamoDB
11/09 Migrating Your Oracle Database to PostgreSQL
12/06 Scaling Redis Workloads with Amazon ElastiCache


08/29 Building a Python Serverless Applications with AWS Chalice
09/14 Configuration Management in the Cloud
09/15 Announcing AWS X-Ray
09/15 Announcing AWS CodeBuild
09/19 Deep Dive: Continuous Delivery for AI Applications with ECS
09/19 AWS CodeStar: Develop, Build, and Deploy applications on AWS
10/11 Remove Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting from Jenkins
12/04 Leveraging APIs to build custom apps on X Ray
12/06 Launch Applications the Amazon Way - AWS Online Tech Talk


07/13 Decouple and Scale Applications Using Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS
07/25 SAP Solutions on AWS for Large Enterprises and Mission Critical Applications
08/31 Best Practices in Planning a Large-Scale Migration to AWS
09/15 Announcing Amazon AppStream 2.0
09/15 How to Prepare for AWS Certification and Advance your Career
09/19 Modernize Meetings with Amazon Chime
09/19 Applying AWS Organizations to Complex Account Structures
09/19 An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
09/26 Securing Your Desktops with Amazon WorkSpaces
10/26 Working Together, Simplified with Amazon Chime
10/26 How to Manage Organizational Change and Cultural Impact During a Cloud Transformation
11/14 Everything About Licensing Windows Workloads on AWS
12/12 Commercial Management and Cost Optimization on AWS


07/12 Essential Capabilities of an IoT Cloud Platform
08/29 Developing Applications with the IoT Button
09/15 Announcing AWS Greengrass
09/15 Getting Started with AWS IoT
09/15 Best Practices with IoT Security
09/19 Create, with Intel, an IoT Gateway and Establish a Data Pipeline to AWS IoT
09/27 AWS Greengrass Technical Deep Dive with Demo
10/24 Precipitating the Cloud: Local IoT Framework with Intel® and AWS Greengrass
11/14 Essential Capabilities IoT Cloud Platform
12/18 Essential Capabilities of an IoT Cloud Platform


08/16 Hands On Lab: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server in AWS
08/16 Edge Services Critical AWS Infrastructure Component Notes
08/16 Conversational Mobile App Interfaces with Lex and Mobile Hub
08/17 Hands On Lab: Windows Workloads on AWS
08/17 Hands on Lab: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server in AWS
08/17 Hands On Lab: Windows Workloads on AWS
08/17 Windows Workloads on AWS
09/19 Scaling to millions of users with Amazon CloudFront
09/19 Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server in AWS
11/15 Hands on Lab: Deploy .NET Code to AWS from Visual Studio
12/06 VMware Cloud on AWS: Networking and Storage Best Practices
12/15 VMware Cloud on AWS: Networking and Storage Best Practices

Management Tools

09/12 Using CloudTrail to enhance compliance and governance of S3
09/15 Announcing AWS Personal Health Dashboard
09/15 Announcing AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate
09/19 Manage Inventory, Patching, and System Images for Hybrid Cloud
09/19 OpsWorks for Chef Automate - Automation Made Easy!
09/19 Automated Compliance and Governance: AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail
10/12 Are You Well-Architected?


07/13 Driving User Engagement with Amazon Pinpoint
09/15 Announcing Amazon Pinpoint
09/19 Accelerating Mobile Application Development - AWS Mobile Hub
09/19 Test Your Android App with Espresso and AWS Device Farm
09/19 Amazon Cognito Public Beta: Built-in UI for User Sign-up/in and SAML Federation
11/09 Deep Dive on Amazon SES What's New
12/05 User Based Multi Channel Engagement using Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon Cognito

Security & Identity

07/13 Secure Web Applications with AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) and AWS Shield
07/13 Integrating Security Assessments Into DevOps Cycle with Amazon Inspector
08/30 Best Practices for Using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Roles
09/15 Best Practices for Managing Security Operations in AWS
09/19 Deep Dive on Amazon Cloud Directory
09/19 Advanced Techniques for Federation of the AWS Management Console and Command Line Interface (CLI)
09/19 Securing Your AWS Infrastructure with Edge Services
09/19 Using Microsoft Active Directory across On-premises and Cloud Workloads
09/27 Advanced DNS Traffic Management using Amazon Route 53
09/28 How to use AWS WAF to Mitigate OWASP Top 10 attacks
10/25 CloudHSM: Secure Scalable Key Storage in AWS
11/15 How to Integrate AWS Directory Service with Office365
12/12 Centrally Protect Your AWS Resources with Amazon GuardDuty
12/13 Cloud Native DDoS Mitigation
12/13 Centralized IAM Governance using CloudFormation StackSets


07/25 Security Best Practices for Serverless Applications
07/27 Serverless Orchestration with AWS Step Functions
08/16 Distributed Stack Tracing and Monitoring for Serverless Applications
09/12 Local Testing and Deployment Best Practices for Serverless Applications
09/19 Building Serverless Web Applications
09/19 AWS Lambda Applications with AWS Serverless Application Model
11/15 Building Serverless Websites with Lambda@Edge
12/04 Serverless Applications at Global Scale with Multi Regional Deployments


07/12 Deep Dive on Amazon S3
08/15 Deep Dive on Amazon Elastic File System
08/15 Deep Dive on Amazon EBS Elastic Volumes
08/15 Backing up Amazon EC2 with Amazon EBS Snapshots
08/15 Cloud Backup & Recovery Options with AWS Partner Solutions
08/15 Deep Dive on the AWS Storage Gateway
08/15 Choose the Right Cloud Storage - Media & Entertainment Workloads
08/15 Moving Data into the Cloud with AWS Transfer Services
08/15 Best Practices: NoSQL Workloads on Amazon EC2 and EBS
08/15 Deep Dive on Elastic File System
08/15 Optimize MySQL Workloads with Amazon Elastic Block Store
08/15 Deep Dive on Amazon EBS Elastic Volumes
08/15 Active Archiving with Amazon S3 and Tiering to Amazon Glacier
08/31 Visualizing Amazon S3 Storage Management with Quicksight
09/15 Deep Dive on Amazon S3
09/26 Revolutionizing Backup & Recovery Using Amazon S3
09/27 Deep Dive on Amazon EFS with Encryption
10/25 Replacing Tape Backups with AWS Storage Gateway
10/26 Deploy Compliance Controls When Archiving Large Scale Data Stores
11/15 Disaster Recovery Options with AWS
12/13 New Features in Amazon S3 & Glacier
12/15 Moving your File Data to Amazon EFS


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