AWS re:Invent 2017

--- AWS re:Invent 2017 Top Tips for the Week!
--- AWS re:Invent 2017 – Live Streaming on twitch.tv/aws
--- Alexa Smart Cities Hackathon
--- Alexa: Hack Your Office - Build Alexa Skills That Help You at Work
--- Analytics for IoT Devices
--- Autodesk’s Brian Mathews on Envisioning the Future with Generative Design
--- Board Game Night at AWS re:Invent 2017
--- Campus Overview
--- Diversity Activities at AWS re:Invent 2017
--- Dr. Walter Scott Shares How DigitalGlobe Uses Amazon SageMaker
--- Expanded Live Stream Coverage on twitch.tv/aws
--- Expo Overview
--- Fireside Chat: Steve Schmidt, Jenny Brinkley, and Greg Peters of Netflix
--- Game Day
--- Global Partner Summit at AWS re:Invent 2017
--- Interactive Streaming on twitch.tv/aws
--- JAM Sessions & Lounge
--- John Nichols Describes PG&E’s Efforts to Use AWS to Innovate & Save Money
--- Mark Okerstrom Shares How Expedia Has Become More Agile By Going All In On AWS
--- Mati Kochavi Showcases How AWS Powers HEED’s IoT Analytics Capabilities
--- Michelle McKenna-Doyle Shares How the NFL Can Take ‘Next Gen Stats’ to the Next Level
--- Midnight Madness at AWS re:Invent 2017
--- Nora Jones Describes Why We Need More Chaos - Chaos Engineering, That Is
--- Pub Crawl Expands!
--- Registration Will Close Soon!
--- Robocar Rally
--- Roy Joseph Explains Why Goldman Sachs Trusts AWS to Power Critical Capabilities
--- Save the Date
--- Session Content
--- Social Media at AWS re:Invent 2017
--- Steve Bashada Describes Siemens PLM’s "AWS first" Strategy & MindSphere Launch
--- Tatonka Challenge at AWS re:Invent 2017
--- The All-In JAM
--- The Analytics JAM
--- The Non-Profit Hackathon
--- The Security JAM
--- Unicorn Rentals


--- AWS re:Invent 2017 Keynote - Andy Jassy
--- AWS re:Invent 2017 Keynote - Tuesday Night Live with Peter DeSantis
--- AWS re:Invent 2017 Keynote - Werner Vogels

Daily re:Cap

--- Daily re:Cap - Monday Nov. 27, 2017
--- Daily re:Cap - Thursday Nov. 30, 2017
--- Daily re:Cap - Tuesday Nov. 28, 2017
--- Weekly re:Mix

Product Launches

--- AGT Uses Amazon Kinesis for IoT Analytics
--- AWS DeepLens Demo by Dr. Matt Wood
--- AWS IoT Device Management
--- Amazon Aurora Multi-Master
--- Amazon Aurora Serverless
--- Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs
--- Amazon EC2 Instances
--- Amazon EC2 Spot Instances
--- Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes Announcement
--- Amazon Neptune: Fast, Reliable Graph Database Built for the Cloud
--- Announcing AWS DeepLens
--- Announcing AWS Greengrass ML Inference
--- Announcing AWS IoT 1-Click
--- Announcing AWS IoT Device Defender
--- Daily re:Cap - Sunday Nov. 26, 2017
--- Introducing AWS Cloud9: Werner Vogels Keynote
--- Introducing AWS Fargate
--- Introducing Alexa for Business
--- Introducing Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances
--- Introducing Amazon FreeRTOS
--- Introducing Amazon GuardDuty
--- Introducing Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
--- Introducing Amazon Rekognition
--- Introducing Amazon SageMaker
--- Introducing Amazon Transcribe
--- Introducing Amazon Translate
--- The Amazon EC2 Nitro System Architecture


--- Let’s Go Purple for re:Invent 2017
--- Stay Fit at re:Invent with our Fitness Activities!

Launchpad Live Streams on twitch.tv/aws

--- 2017 Year-to-Date Launch Recap
--- AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
--- AWS Cloud9
--- AWS Educate
--- AWS Elemental: MediaPackage, MediaLive, MediaStore,....
--- AWS Fargate
--- AWS GameDay Hackathon
--- AWS Greengrass
--- AWS IoT 1-Click
--- AWS IoT Analytics
--- AWS IoT Device Management & AWS IoT Device Defender
--- AWS Makers Studio
--- AWS Networking
--- AWS Serverless Application Repository
--- Alexa Skills
--- Alexa for Business
--- Amazon Comprehend
--- Amazon EC2 & Lightsail
--- Amazon EC2 Spot
--- Amazon ECS for Kubernetes (EKS)
--- Amazon Elastic File System
--- Amazon FreeRTOS
--- Amazon Glacier Select & S3 Select
--- Amazon GuardDuty
--- Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
--- Amazon Neptune
--- Amazon Rekognition
--- Amazon SageMaker
--- Amazon Sumerian
--- Amazon Transcribe
--- Amazon Translate
--- Andy Jassy Keynote Recap
--- Announcement: API Gateway Canary Release Deployments, CodeDeploy Serverless & Lambda
--- Announcement: AWS AppSync
--- Announcement: AWS Systems Manager
--- Announcement: Amazon MQ
--- Announcement: CloudTrail Support for Lambda Invoke API Activity
--- Announcement: WAF Partner Rules
--- Aurora Serverless & Aurora Multi-Master
--- Cognito Frontline & Adaptive Authentication
--- Community Heroes: Drew Firment & Markus Ostertag
--- Community Heroes: Francisco Edilton & Habeeb Rahman
--- Customer Spotlight: Bynder
--- Customer Spotlight: Cloud Conformit
--- Customer Spotlight: Typeform
--- Datree.io Spotlight
--- Day 1 Kickoff
--- Day 1 Recap
--- Day 2 Recap
--- Day 3 Launchpad Recap
--- DynamoDB Backup-Restore & Global Tables
--- How CloudFormation Builds re:Invent
--- IOpipe Spotlight
--- Interview with Werner Vogels, Amazon.com
--- Kinesis Firehose to Splunk Integration
--- Launchpad Final Recap
--- Machine Learning Discussion
--- Non-profit Hackathon Spotlight
--- Plaid Spotlight
--- Robocar Rally Hackathon
--- Twitch Developer Chat
--- Twitch Developer Chat: Drops Demo - Lego Loot Crate Edition
--- Twitch Developer Chat: Extensions Demo
--- Werner Vogels Keynote Recap

Demo Theater

--- Daily re:Cap - Wednesday Nov. 29, 2017
DEM01 Zero to Enterprise: Your First 100 Automations for Compliance, S
DEM02 DevSecOps on AWS
DEM04 Enable fast local recovery of snapshots from Amazon Web Services
DEM05 When Things Go Wrong: Logs to the Rescue
DEM06 Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Working together to combat threat
DEM07 Rackspace and Datapipe: Leaders in Managed Services for AWS Unit
DEM08 Hybrid Systems Management for the Enterprise
DEM09 Achieving Cybersecurity at IoT and Cloud Scale
DEM10 Getting the Most Out of Amazon CloudWatch Alerts: Intelligence a
DEM11 Monitoring Cloud Services at Scale at Box
DEM12 Accelerate DevOps with Automated Security
DEM13 How to Burst File-Based Workloads to AWS in 5 Easy Steps
DEM14 From Shore to Ship: Using Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS to Deliver
DEM15 Okta & AWS: The Foundation of Modern Stack Apps
DEM16 Using the Software Defined Perimeter to Secure and Connect to AW
DEM17 Digital Transformation with IoT, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Connec
DEM18 Moving Forward without Looking Back
DEM19 Moving Fast on AWS and Getting It Right Every Time
DEM20 Protect Your Hybrid Assets with CloudBerry and AWS
DEM21 How to Align the Three Spheres of Influence in Enterprise
DEM22 Automate Big Data on Amazon Web Services
DEM23 Bridge to the Cloud: Using Apache Kafka to Migrate to AWS
DEM24 Protecting your Web Application on AWS: Best Practices for Third
DEM25 Software-Defined, Globally Consistent Replication for Hybrid Env
DEM26 Gain Application and Security Insights using NetFlow and Metadat
DEM27 Monitoring Built for vSRX Hybrid Cloud Architecture with AWS
DEM28 Gain Application and Security Insights Using NetFlow and Metadat
DEM29 Cooking in the Cloud with AWS and Chef
DEM30 Leverage Amazon Lex for Custom Business Apps in Minutes!
DEM31 Remove Bottlenecks in Your CI/CD Pipelines Using CloudBees Jenki
DEM32 Key Considerations for a Cloud Data Warehouse
DEM33 Scalability, Resiliency, and Recovery for Legacy Workloads in th
DEM34 Unleash Your AWS Adoption with ServiceNow
DEM35 PwC and AT&T Get Agile to Build a New Security Solution Powered
DEM36 AI Under Your Skin
DEM37 Migrate Your Teradata On-Premises Analytic Workloads to AWS, wit
DEM38 Accelerate Migration to AWS with Puppet
DEM39 Deploy NGINX Plus on AWS: Automatic Scaling Quick Start and Othe
DEM40 Your Grandmother’s Monitoring Tools Do Not Provide Hybrid IT Ser
DEM41 Low-Code Application Development with Appian on AWS
DEM42 AWS Enterprise Data Protection Done Right with Dell EMC
DEM43 Using Amazon S3 for Intelligent Storage
DEM44 Protecting Your Data Effectively in a Hybrid Cloud World
DEM45 Mainframe Possible: Migrating an Enterprise Mainframe to AWS
DEM46 Why Zillow Uses Email to Help Users Find Their Way Home
DEM47 Why We Chose AWS over a Data Center
DEM49 Closing the Gaps: Security Best Practices for Hybrid Clouds
DEM50 Securing Your Applications and Data on AWS
DEM51 Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Amazon WorkSpaces
DEM53 How Better Data Visibility, Resiliency, and Protection Increase
DEM54 Know before You Go: Planning a Successful Application Migration
DEM55 Analytics in Real Time with Amazon EC2 I3 Instances and Redis Fl
DEM56 Building a Better Backup Strategy with Veeam and AWS
DEM57 Stop Wasting Your Time: Focusing on Security Practices That Actu
DEM59 Confidence, Clarity, and Control: How to Achieve a 30% Reduction
DEM60 Connecting Worlds Apart: Unifying Security for Hybrid Cloud Work
DEM61 Enabling Digital Transformation on AWS for T-Mobile, While Maint
DEM62 Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Building Terabytes-Scale ELK Stack
DEM63 Archeology Meets Architecture: Digging and Designing to Optimize
DEM64 Dive into Data: The Endless Possibilities of Boundaryless Inform
DEM65 Cloud Migration and DevOps: Four Ways to Accelerate Your Transfo
DEM66 Extending the Enterprise WAN into AWS: Simplifying Network Integ
DEM67 Your Data Can Live Forever: How a Storage Innovator and AWS Chan
DEM68 Data Protection for the AWS Era
DEM69 Networking Superpowers for the Cloud Ninja
DEM70 The Secret Behind 10,000 Enterprise Deployments
DEM71 Automate and Control Your Keys for the Hybrid Cloud World – Best
DEM72 Demo: Use Amazon Lex to Build a Customer Service Chatbot in Your
DEM73 Using AWS Storage Gateway volumes for application migrations to
DEM74 Data Visualization with Amazon QuickSight
DEM75 Using the new visual editor for IAM policies
DEM76 Building a Predictive API using a Pre-Trained MXNet Model and AW
DEM77 Local Serverless Development using SAM Local
DEM78 Live Demo: Accelerating Data Movement into Amazon EFS
DEM79 Live Demo: Amazon EBS and Elastic Volumes in Action
DEM83 NEW LAUNCH! Enabling security cameras to stream video to AWS
DEM85 AWS Elemental MediaLive
DEM86 Accelerate Digital Experience with Serverless Computing
DEM88 Applying Intelligent Data Protection with Amazon Macie


ATC301 1 Million bids in 100ms – using AWS to power your Real Time Bidd
ATC302 How to Leverage AWS Machine Learning Services to Analyze and Opt
ATC303 Cache Me If You Can: Minimizing Latency While Optimizing Cost Th
ATC304 RFID (Really Freaking Indispensable and Decisive) Advertising


ALX303 The Art and Science of Conversation Applied to Alexa Skills
ALX317 How Capital One Rethought Multimodal Voice Experiences and Broug
ALX322 Natural Language Processing Plus Natural Language Generation: Th
ALX324 Alexa State of the Union
ALX328-R [REPEAT] Smart Devices Everywhere

Analytics & Big Data

ABD201 Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS
ABD205 Taking a Page Out of Ivy Tech’s Book: Using Data for Student Suc
ABD206 Building Visualizations and Dashboards with Amazon QuickSight
ABD208 Cox Automotive Empowered to Scale with Splunk Cloud & AWS and Ex
ABD209 Accelerating the Speed of Innovation with a Data Sciences Data &
ABD210 Modernizing Amtrak: Serverless Solution for Real-Time Data Capab
ABD211 Sysco Foods: A Journey from Too Much Data to Curated Insights
ABD212 SAP HANA: The Foundation of SAP’s Digital Core
ABD213-R How to Build a Data Lake with AWS Glue Data Catalog
ABD214 Real-time User Insights for Mobile and Web Applications with Ama
ABD216 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
ABD217 From Batch to Streaming: How Amazon Flex Uses Real-time Analytic
ABD218 How EuroLeague Basketball Uses IoT Analytics to Engage Fans
ABD222 How to Confidently Unleash Data to Meet the Needs of Your Entire
ABD223 IT Innovators: New Technology for Leveraging Data to Enable Agil
ABD301 Analyzing Streaming Data in Real Time with Amazon Kinesis
ABD303 Developing an Insights Platform – Sysco’s Journey from Disparate
ABD305 Design Patterns and Best Practices for Data Analytics with Amazo
ABD307 Deep Analytics for Global AWS Marketing Organization
ABD309 How Twilio Scaled Its Data-Driven Culture
ABD310 How FINRA Secures Its Big Data and Data Science Platform on AWS
ABD311 Deploying Business Analytics at Enterprise Scale with Amazon Qui
ABD312 Deep Dive: Migrating Big Data Workloads to AWS
ABD316 American Heart Association: Finding Cures to Heart Disease Throu
ABD318 Architecting a data lake with Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, and Ama
ABD319 Tooling Up for Efficiency: DIY Solutions @ Netflix
ABD320 Netflix Keystone SPaaS: Real-time Stream Processing as a Service
ABD327 Migrating Your Traditional Data Warehouse to a Modern Data Lake
ABD329 A Look Under the Hood – How Amazon.com Uses AWS Services for Ana
ABD337 Making the Shift from DevOps to Practical DevSecOps
ABD339 Deep Dive and Best Practices for Amazon Athena
ABD401 How Netflix Monitors Applications in Near Real-Time with Amazon
ABD402 How Esri Optimizes Massive Image Archives for Analytics in the C
ABD403 Best Practices for Distributed Machine Learning and Predictive A


ARC201 Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users
ARC205 Born in the Cloud, Built like a Startup
ARC207 Monitoring Performance of Enterprise Applications on AWS: Unders
ARC208 Walking the Tightrope: Balancing Innovation, Reliability, Securi
ARC209 A Day in the Life of a Netflix Engineer III
ARC210 Building Scalable Multitenant Email Sending Programs with Amazon
ARC213 Open Source at AWS—Contributions, Support, and Engagement
ARC217 Self-Service Analytics with AWS Big Data and Tableau
ARC219 Digital Transformation
ARC303 Running Lean Architectures: How to Optimize for Cost Efficiency
ARC304-R [REPEAT] From One to Many: Evolving VPC Design
ARC310 Avoiding Groundhog Day
ARC311 Serverless Encoding at Scale with Content Moderation via Deep Le
ARC312 Why Regional Reserved Instances Are a Game Changer for Netflix
ARC313-R [REPEAT] Exploring Blockchain Technology, Risks, and Emerging Tr
ARC314 Bringing the Superpower of Bots to Your Company with a Serverles
ARC315 The Enterprise Fast Lane - What Your Competition Doesn't Want Yo
ARC316 Getting from Here to There: A Journey from On-premises to Server
ARC317 Application Performance Management on AWS
ARC318 Building .NET-based Serverless Architectures and Running .NET Co
ARC319 How to Design a Multi-Region Active-Active Architecture
ARC320 Reinforcement Learning – The Ultimate AI
ARC321 Models of Availability
ARC329 Optimizing Performance and Efficiency for Amazon EC2 and More wi
ARC330 How the BBC Built a Massive Media Pipeline Using Microservices
ARC331 How I Made My Motorbike Talk, or How to Mix Amazon Lex, Amazon L
ARC401 Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices
ARC402 Architectural Patterns and Best Practices with VMware Cloud on A
ARC403 Encoding Artifacts to the Oscars: Taking on Terabyte-Scale, 1-Gb
ARC404 Metering the Hybrid Cloud
ARC405 Building a Photorealistic Real-Time 3D Configurator with Server-
ARC406 Amazon.com - Replacing 100s of Oracle DBs with Just One: DynamoDB
ARC407 Deconstructing SaaS: A Deep Dive into Building Multi-tenant Solu

Automotive & Manufacturing

AMF301 Big Data & Analytics for Manufacturing Operations
AMF302 Alexa, Where’s My Car? A Test Drive of the AWS Connected Car Ref
AMF304 Optimizing Design and Engineering Performance in the Cloud for M
AMF305 Autonomous Driving Algorithm Development on Amazon AI

AWS Marketplace & Service Catalog

MSC201 Building end-to-end IT Lifecycle Mgmt & Workflows with AWS Servi
MSC202 Learn How Salesforce used ADCs for App Load Balancing for an Int
MSC203 How Citrix Uses AWS Marketplace Solutions to Accelerate Analytic
MSC301 Cloud Security for Regulated Industries
MSC302 How Do I Build a Global Transit Network on AWS?
MSC305 Maximize the Return on Your Storage Investment with AWS Marketpl

Business Apps

BAP202 Amazon Connect Delivers Personalized Customer Experiences
BAP203 Secure File Collaboration and Management, Simplified with Amazon
BAP204 How Amazon Is Moving to Amazon Chime
BAP301 Bring the Power of AI to Contact Centers
BAP302 User Self-Service and Admin Portals for Amazon WorkSpaces
BAP303 Migrate Your Desktops to Amazon WorkSpaces
BAP304 How To Use AWS IoT and Amazon Connect to Drive Proactive Custome
BAP308 NEW LAUNCH! Deploying and Managing Voice Skills in your Organiza
BAP309 NEW LAUNCH! Building Smart Conference Rooms with Alexa for Busin
BAP310 Move Your Virtualized Desktop Apps to the Cloud with Amazon AppS
BAP311 Rethink Your Graphics Workstation Strategy with Amazon AppStream


CMP201 Auto Scaling: The Fleet Management Solution for Planet Earth
CMP202 Optimizing EC2 for Fun and Profit #bigsavings #newfeatures
CMP203 Amazon EC2 Foundations
CMP207 High Performance Computing on AWS
CMP208 Unleash Your Graphics Solutions with the Flexibility of Elastic
CMP211 Getting Started with Serverless Architectures
CMP212 Building production apps easily with Amazon Lightsail
CMP213 GPU (G3) Applications in Media and Entertainment Workloads
CMP214 Simplifying Microsoft Architectures with AWS
CMP215 Introducing Amazon EC2 P3 Instance - Featuring the Most Powerful
CMP217 Scale In-Memory Workloads on Amazon EC2 X1 and X1e Instances wit
CMP218 AWS Compute: What’s New in Amazon EC2, Containers and Serverless
CMP301 Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Instances, Featuring Performance Optimiz
CMP303 Innovate Faster with Salesforce Heroku and AWS
CMP304 Deep Dive: Backing Up Amazon EC2 with Amazon EBS Snapshots
CMP307 Save up to 90% and Run Production Workloads on Spot
CMP309 How Netflix Encodes at Scale
CMP311 Auto Scaling Prime Time: Target Tracking Hits the Bullseye at Ne
CMP314 Bringing Deep Learning to the Cloud with Amazon EC2
CMP315 Optimizing Network Performance for Amazon EC2 Instances
CMP319 Easily Coordinate Microservices, Build Serverless Apps, and Auto
CMP323 AWS Batch: Easy and Efficient Batch Computing on AWS
CMP325 How Netflix Tunes Amazon EC2 Instances for Performance
CMP330 NEW LAUNCH! Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances
CMP332 C5 Instances and the Evolution of Amazon EC2 Virtualization
CMP333 How to Get the HPC Best-in-class Performance via Intel Xeon Skyl


CMP209 Getting Started with Docker on AWS
CON201 Containers on AWS - State of the Union
CON202-R [REPEAT] Getting Started with Docker and Amazon ECS
CON203 Driving innovation with container architecture
CON205 Birds of a Feather: Containers and Open Source at AWS
CON206 Docker on AWS
CON207 Digital Transformation: Adapt or Perish
CON208 Building Microservices on AWS
CON214 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing Amazon Fargate
CON215 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing Amazon EKS
CON302 Building a CI/CD Pipeline for Containers on Amazon ECS
CON304 Batch Processing with Containers on AWS
CON307 Building Effective Container Images
CON308 Mastering Kubernetes on AWS
CON309 Containerized Machine Learning on AWS
CON310 Moving to Containers: Building with Docker and Amazon ECS
CON320 Monitoring, Logging, and Debugging for Containerized Services
CON333 NEW LAUNCH! Deep Dive into Amazon Fargate
CON356 Moving to Amazon ECS – the Not-So-Obvious Benefits
CON401 Container Networking Deep Dive with Amazon ECS
CON402 Advanced Patterns in Microservices Implementation with Amazon EC
CON404 Deep Dive into Container Scheduling with Amazon ECS
CON406 Architecting Container Infrastructure for Security and Complianc
CON409 Deep Dive into Amazon EKS

Content Delivery

CTD201 Introduction to Amazon CloudFront and AWS Lambda@Edge
CTD202 Learn How AWS is Enabling the World's Most Advanced Media Workfl
CTD203 NEW LAUNCH! Hear how OwnZones is using AWS Elemental MediaConver
CTD204 NEW LAUNCH! Hear how the Pac-12 is using AWS Elemental MediaStor
CTD206 NEW LAUNCH! Learn how Fubo is monetizing their content with serv
CTD208 In Space, Everyone Can See NASA Stream (in 4K)
CTD301 Amazon CloudFront Flash Talks: Best Practices on Configuring, Se
CTD302 Case Study: How Hulu reinvented television using the AWS Cloud
CTD303 Case Study: POOQ, Korea's largest OTT provider broadcasts more t
CTD304 Dow Jones & Wall Street Journal's journey to manage traffic spik
CTD305 Case Study: The internals of Amazon.com's architecture that allo
CTD307 Case Study: How Mobile Device Service Company Asurion Architecte
CTD309 Building Serverless Websites with Lambda@Edge
CTD310 Living on the Edge, It’s Safer Than You Think! Building Strong w
CTD401 Taking DevOps Closer to the AWS Edge
CTD402 Podcasting on AWS – A Discussion on Everything from Production t
CTD405 Building Serverless Video Workflows
CTD406 Measuring the Internet in Real Time
CTD408 I Want to Analyze and Visualize Website Access Logs, but Why Do


DAT201 AWS Database and Analytics State of the Union - 2017
DAT202 Getting Started with Amazon Aurora
DAT203 Running MySQL Databases on AWS
DAT204 What's new for AWS Purpose Built, Non-relational Databases
DAT301 Deep Dive on the Amazon Aurora MySQL-compatible Edition
DAT302 Deep Dive on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
DAT304 DynamoDB - What's new
DAT305 ElastiCache Deep Dive: Best Practices and Usage Patterns
DAT307 Modern Cloud Data Warehousing: Blending Structured and Semi-Stru
DAT308 A story of Netflix and AB Testing in the User Interface using Dy
DAT309 Best Practices for Migrating from Oracle and SQL Server to Amazo
DAT310-R [REPEAT] Which Database to Use When?
DAT311 Technology Trends in Data Processing
DAT312 Migrating Your SQL Server Databases to Amazon RDS
DAT313 Running Oracle Databases on Amazon RDS
DAT314 Best Practices for Running PostgreSQL on AWS
DAT315 A Practitioner’s Guide on Migrating to, and Running on Amazon Au
DAT316 Report from the Field on the PostgreSQL-compatible Edition of Am
DAT317 Migrating Databases and Data Warehouses to the Cloud: Getting St
DAT318 NEW LAUNCH! Deep dive on Amazon Neptune
DAT319 NEW LAUNCH! Amazon Neptune Overview and Customer Use Cases
DAT320 Moving a Galaxy into the Cloud: Best Practices from Samsung on M
DAT321 From Minutes to Milliseconds: How Careem Used Amazon ElastiCache
DAT322 The Nanoservices Architecture That Powers BBC Online
DAT323 Dating and Data Science: How Coffee Meets Bagel Uses Amazon Elas
DAT324 Expedia flies with DynamoDB: lightning fast stream processing fo
DAT325 Snapchat Stories on Amazon DynamoDB
DAT326 How DynamoDB Powered Amazon Prime Day 2017
DAT327 DynamoDB adaptive capacity: smooth performance for chaotic workl
DAT328 Tinder and DynamoDB: It's a Match! Massive Data Migration, Zero
DAT330 Case Study: Sprinklr Uses Amazon EBS to Maximize Its NoSQL Deplo
DAT331 Airbnb Runs on Amazon Aurora
DAT332 How Verizon is Adopting the Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-compatible
DAT401 The Boss: A Petascale Database for Large-Scale Neuroscience, Pow
DAT402 Deep Dive on the Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-compatible Edition
DAT403-R [REPEAT] Advanced Design Patterns for Amazon DynamoDB

Developer Community

DVC201 Build AWS Skills Through Community-Led User Groups
DVC202 The Open Guide to AWS: A GitHub-Based Resource for Practitioners
DVC301 Evolution of Serverless Architectures through the Lens of Commun
DVC302 And You Thought You Knew Amazon EC2
DVC303 Technological Accelerants for Organizational Transformation
DVC304 Compliance and Top Security Threats in the Cloud -- Are You Prot


DEV203 Launch Applications the Amazon Way
DEV204 Monitoring Modern Applications: Introduction to AWS X-Ray
DEV205 Developing Applications on AWS in the JVM
DEV206 Life of a Code Change to a Tier 1 Service
DEV207 Deploying and Managing Ruby Applications on AWS
DEV209 A Field Guide to Monitoring on the AWS Cloud: From Lift and Shif
DEV301 Dev Tested, Ops Approved: 10 Guardrails from Atlassian for Bette
DEV303 How HubSpot Got Beyond Four 9s of Availability on AWS Using Sign
DEV305 Manage Your Applications with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
DEV306 Embrace DevOps and Learn How to Automate Operations
DEV307 AWS CLI: 2017 and Beyond
DEV311 Using AWS CloudTrail to Enhance Governance and Compliance of Ama
DEV314 Monitoring as Code: Getting to Monitoring-Driven Development
DEV315 GitHub to AWS Lambda: Developing, Testing, and Deploying Serverl
DEV317 Deep Dive on AWS CloudFormation
DEV318 Learn How Intuit Built a Frictionless Infrastructure Management
DEV319 Embracing Change without Breaking the World
DEV320 A Primer on Developing Software in the Cloud
DEV322 Continuous Integration Best Practices for Software Development T
DEV323 Introduction to the AWS CLI
DEV324 Deep Dive on Advanced Continuous Delivery Techniques Using AWS D
DEV325 Application Deployment Techniques for Amazon EC2 Workloads with
DEV328 DevOps Lessons from Coursera: Site Performance, Reliability, and
DEV329 Cisco’s Journey from Monolith to Microservices
DEV330 Developing Applications on AWS with .NET Core
DEV331 Automate and Scale Configuration Management with AWS OpsWorks
DEV332 Using AWS to Achieve Both Autonomy and Governance at 3M
DEV333 Using Amazon CloudWatch for Amazon ECS Resource Monitoring at Sc
DEV334 Performing Chaos at Netflix Scale
DEV335 Manage Infrastructure Securely at Scale and Eliminate Operationa
DEV338 Use Amazon EC2 Systems Manager to Perform Automated Resilience T
DEV339 Using AWS Management Tools to Enable Governance, Compliance, Ope
DEV340 How Amazon.com Uses AWS Management Tools
DEV345 Tools Won’t Fix Your Broken DevOps
DEV346 NEW LAUNCH! Gain Operational Insights and Take Action on AWS Res
DEV402 Deep-Dive for AWS X-Ray
DEV403 Security Validation through Continuous Delivery at Verizon

Energy & Utilities

EUT301 Oil & Gas Reservoir Simulation leveraging AWS HPC technologies a
EUT302 Data Ingestion at Seismic Scale: Best practices for processing p
EUT303 Modernizing the Energy and Utilities Industry with IoT: Moving S
EUT305 Delivering the Future of Energy with Connected Home Products usi


ENT203 Building a Solid Business Case for Cloud Migration
ENT205 Transform Your Business with VMware Cloud on AWS, an Integrated
ENT206 Accelerate Value from Big Data, AI, and IoT Initiatives with One
ENT208 From Cloud Cost Management to Financial Agility: The Journey to
ENT209 Going Big with Containers: Customer Case Studies of Large-Scale
ENT210 How to Get from Zero to Hundreds of AWS-Certified Engineers
ENT211 How to Assess Your Organization's Readiness to Migrate at Scale
ENT212 An Overview of Best Practices for Large-Scale Migrations
ENT213 How Encirca Services by DuPont Pioneer Exited Their Data Center
ENT218 How Hess Has Continued to Optimize the AWS Cloud After Migrating
ENT219 Accelerate Value from Big Data, AI, and IoT Initiatives with One
ENT224 Redis Enterprise for Large-Scale Deployment
ENT225 How to Successfully Exploit the Power of the Matrix
ENT226 Serving Five Billion Meals a Year, Compass Group Relies on AWS t
ENT227 Envision Energy’s Cloud Transformation
ENT228 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing Amazon MQ Managed Message Broker Service
ENT301 Real-World AI and Deep Learning for the Enterprise
ENT302 Optimizing Costs as You Scale on AWS
ENT303 VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Deep Dive
ENT304 VMware Cloud on AWS: A World of Unique Integrations Between VMwa
ENT315 Landing Zones: Creating a Foundation for Your AWS Migrations
ENT316 Keeping Pace With The Cloud: Managing and Optimizing as You Scal
ENT317 Fitch Ratings: Migrating to the Cloud to Transform Business Serv
ENT318 Leveraging a Cloud Policy Framework - From Zero to Well Governed
ENT319 Achieving Your Cloud Efficiency Goals with Metric-Driven Cost Op
ENT320 How a Global Healthcare Company Built a Migration Factory to Qui
ENT321 Accelerating Your Portfolio Migration to AWS Using AWS Migration
ENT322 Disaster Recovery with AWS: Tiered Approaches to Balance Cost wi
ENT323 Enabling Governance, Compliance, and Operational and Risk Auditi
ENT324 Automating and Auditing Cloud Governance and Compliance in Multi
ENT325 Migrating Your Microsoft Applications to AWS
ENT326 Oracle Enterprise Solutions on AWS
ENT327 Migrating Massive Databases and Data Warehouses to the Cloud
ENT328 FINRA's Managed Data Lake: Next-Gen Analytics in the Cloud
ENT329 End-User Computing on AWS with Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppS
ENT330 Cox Automotive’s Data Center Migration to the AWS Cloud
ENT331 From Mainframe to Microservices: Vanguard’s Move to the Cloud
ENT332 Getting Started with Serverless Computing Using AWS Lambda
ENT337 How Amazon Scales Its Infrastructure to Handle Billions of Trans
ENT339 Mapmaking and Location-Based Systems in the Cloud
ENT340 Operation Monitoring and Alerting at Scale in GE Transportation
ENT401 Successfully Migrating Business-Critical Applications to AWS

Financial Services

FSV301 Security Anti-Patterns: Mistakes to Avoid
FSV302 An Architecture for Trade Capture and Regulatory Reporting
FSV303 Building Queryable Archives and Data Lakes for Financial Service
FSV304 Farewell to a Trade-off: Enabling High-scale, Bank-wide Cloud Ad
FSV305 Optimizing Payments Collections with Containers and Machine Lear
FSV306 Getting to Yes – Minimal Viable Cloud with Maximum Security
FSV307 Capital Markets Discovery: How FINRA Runs Trade Analytics and Su
FSV308 Culture Shift: How to Move a Global Financial Services Organizat


GAM301 Migrating the League of Legends Platform into the AWS Cloud
GAM303 Migrating Battleborn and the Spark Platform to Amazon GameLift f
GAM305 Automating Mother Nature: How Nexon Used AWS Services to Algorit
GAM306 Building a Lake of Wisdom
GAM307 Ubisoft: How For Honor Runs Using Amazon ECS
GAM311 How Linden Lab Built a Virtual World on the AWS Cloud
GAM401 Designing for the Future: Building a Flexible Event-based Analyt


GPSBUS201 GPS: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning: C
GPSBUS203 GPS: AWS Partner Network 2018 and Beyond: Building Successful an
GPSBUS204 GPS: Building a Profitable Next-Generation AWS MSP Practice
GPSBUS205 GPS: Amazon Connect: Powerful, Proven Cloud Contact Center Solut
GPSBUS206 GPS: Best Practices for Building a Partner Database Practice on
GPSBUS207 GPS: Windows Upgrades: Hamster Wheel or Work Space Transformatio
GPSBUS208 GPS: Customer Insights: Are DevOps Transformation and Workload M
GPSBUS209 GPS: Cloud-Based Regtech Solutions on AWS
GPSBUS210 GPS: BI and Interoperability for Better Patient Outcomes
GPSBUS211 GPS: Edge Intelligence for IoT Applications
GPSBUS212 GPS: Are Migration Tools a Puzzle or Perfect Lego Blocks?
GPSBUS214 GPS: Key Considerations for Cloud Procurement in the Public Sect
GPSBUS215 GPS: Maximize Innovation and Agility by Building Your SaaS Solut
GPSBUS216 GPS: Applying AI/ML to Find Security Needles in the Haystack
GPSBUS218 GPS: AWS Partner Training: The Key to Accelerating Your Business
GPSBUS219 GPS: Get AWS Certified: Using AWS Certification as a Tool for Yo
GPSBUS220 GPS: Refactor and Replatform .NET Apps to Use the Latest Microso
GPSBUS221 GPS: Breaking Barriers: Move Enterprise SAP Customers to SAP HAN
GPSBUS222 GPS: SAP on AWS: Big Businesses, Big Workloads, Big Time
GPSBUS223 GPS: Starting Out with the AWS Partner Network


GPSMKT201 GPS: Expanding Channel Opportunities: Using AWS Marketplace as a
GPSMKT301 GPS: The Path to a Successful Cloud Migration: How AWS Marketpla


GPSTEC201 GPS: Building an Artificial Intelligence Practice for Consulting
GPSTEC302 GPS: Anti-Patterns: Learning from Failure
GPSTEC303-R [REPEAT] GPS: Blockchain and the Road to Innovation
GPSTEC304 GPS: Shipping with Porpoise, a Kubernetes Story
GPSTEC305 GPS: Machine Learning in Capital Markets
GPSTEC306 GPS: Continuous Compliance for Healthcare and Life Sciences
GPSTEC307 GPS: Too Many Tools? Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Bridges Operatio
GPSTEC308 GPS: SaaS Metrics: The Ultimate View of Tenant Consumption
GPSTEC309 GPS: SaaS Monitoring - Creating a Unified View of Multitenant He
GPSTEC310 GPS: IAM Best Practices and Becoming an IAM Ninja
GPSTEC311 GPS: Enhancing Customer Security Using AI/ML on AWS
GPSTEC312 GPS: SAP HANA HA on AWS: Preventing Production Facepalms
GPSTEC313 GPS: Real-Time Data Processing with AWS Lambda Quickly, at Scale
GPSTEC314 GPS: From Monolithic to Serverless – Why and How to Move
GPSTEC315 GPS: Optimizing Tips: Amazon Redshift for Cloud Data Warehousing
GPSTEC316 GPS: Image management Best Practices for Amazon WorkSpaces
GPSTEC317 GPS: From Leaves to Lawns: AWS Greengrass at the Edge and Beyond
GPSTEC318 GPS: IoT Security from Manufacturing to Maintenance
GPSTEC319 GPS: Build Once, Deploy Many: Architecting and Building Automate
GPSTEC320 GPS: Paving the Yellow Brick Road to the Cloud
GPSTEC321 GPS: VMware on AWS Cloud Technical Deep Dive & Native AWS Servic
GPSTEC322 GPS: Creating Your Virtual Data Center: VPC Fundamentals, Connec
GPSTEC323 GPS: SaaS and OpenID Connect: The Secret Sauce of Multitenant Id
GPSTEC324 GPS: Storage for HPC in the Cloud
GPSTEC325 GPS: Enterprise Storage
GPSTEC326 GPS: Industry 4.0: AI and the Future of Manufacturing


HLC301 Simplifying Healthcare Data Management on AWS
HLC302 Adopting Microservices in Healthcare: Building a Compliant DevOp
HLC305 How Verge Health Leverages Automation to Provide a Mission-Criti
HLC307 Building a Secure and Healthcare-Compliant Platform for Adopting
HLC308 Healthcare Payers and Serverless Batch Processing Engines
HLC310 How Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare's Focus on Standardizing Com


IOT201 The IoT Offering Explained in Plain English
IOT206 Philips HSDP - A Cloud-Based IoT Platform Purposefully Built for
IOT207 Panasonic - Building the Road of the Future on AWS
IOT209 NEW LAUNCH! Push Intelligence to the edge with Greengrass
IOT210 IoT State of the Union
IOT211 NEW LAUNCH! AWS IoT Analytics from Consumer IoT to Industrial Io
IOT212 NEW LAUNCH! Amazon FreeRTOS: IoT Operating System for Microcontr
IOT213 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing AWS IoT 1-Click
IOT214 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing AWS IoT Analytics
IOT308 One Message to a Million Things - Done in 60 seconds with AWS Io
IOT309 Compute at the Edge with AWS Greengrass
IOT311 Customer Stories of Things, Cloud, and Analytics on AWS
IOT312 IoT @ Enel: a New Generation IoT Core Platform
IOT313 AWS IoT and Machine Learning for Building Predictive Application
IOT315 AWS IoT Rules Engine
IOT330 NEW LAUNCH! AWS IoT Device Management
IOT336 Accelerating Engie’s IoT Application Roadmap with C3 IoT and AWS
IOT337 Secure Your Edge-to-Cloud IoT Solution with Intel and AWS
IOT401 Translating the Promise of IoT into Business Value and Customer
IOT402 Engineering the IoT at AWS
IOT403 NEW LAUNCH! AWS Greengrass and Amazon FreeRTOS... Integrating th

Life Sciences

LFS301 SAGE Bionetworks, the Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge and Ho
LFS302 Real World Evidence Platforms to Enable Therapeutic Innovation
LFS303 How to Migrate SAP Applications to AWS While Maintaining Complia
LFS304 Born in the AWS Cloud: How Eagle Genomics Uses AWS to Process Bi
LFS305 Automated Policy Enforcement for Real-time Operations, Security,
LFS306 How Eli Lilly Leverages AWS as a Clinical Innovation Platform to
LFS307 Using AWS to Maximize Digital Marketing Reach and Efficiency

Machine Learning

MCL202 Ally Bank & Cognizant: Transforming Customer Experience Using Am
MCL205 Introduction to Deep Learning
MCL206 Creating Next Generation Speech-Enabled Applications with Amazon
MCL207 Amazon Lex Integration with IVR
MCL209 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing Amazon Translate – Now in Preview
MCL210 Machine Learning State of the Union
MCL211 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing Amazon Sumerian – Build VR/AR and 3D App
MCL215 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing Amazon Transcribe – Now in Preview
MCL251 An Eye in the Sky: How Radiant Solutions Processes Satellite
MCL301 Building a Voice-Enabled Customer Service Chatbot Using Amazon L
MCL302 Maximizing the Customer Experience with AI on AWS
MCL303 Deep Learning with Apache MXNet and Gluon
MCL305 Scaling Convolutional Neural Networks with Kubernetes and Tensor
MCL306 Making IoT Devices Smarter with Amazon Rekognition
MCL307 Amazon Polly Tips and Tricks: How to Bring Your Text-to-Speech V
MCL308 Using a Digital Assistant in the Enterprise for Business Product
MCL312 Building Multichannel Conversational Interfaces Using Amazon Lex
MCL313 Deep Learning Using Caffe2 on AWS
MCL314 Unlocking Media Workflows Using Amazon Rekognition
MCL315 Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving
MCL316 Deep Learning for Industrial IoT
MCL317 Orchestrating Machine Learning Training for Netflix Recommendati
MCL318 Deep Dive on Amazon Rekognition Architectures for Image Analysis
MCL335 The future of location services is here. Revolutionizing the use
MCL336 NEW LAUNCH! Feature updates for Amazon Rekognition
MCL337 Tensors for Large-scale Topic Modeling and Deep Learning
MCL339 NEW LAUNCH! Amazon Rekognition Video eliminates manual catalogin
MCL340 NEW LAUNCH! Amazon Sumerian – A Deep Dive Behind the Scenes
MCL341 NEW LAUNCH! Infinitely Scalable Machine Learning Algorithms with
MCL342 NEW LAUNCH! Graph-based Approaches for Cyber Investigative Analy
MCL343 NEW LAUNCH! Natural Language Processing for Data Analytics
MCL349 Training Chatbots and Conversational Artificial Intelligence Age
MCL350 Humans vs. the Machines: How Pinterest Uses Amazon Mechanical Tu
MCL357 Business and Life-Altering Solutions Through AI and Image Recogn
MCL358 BigDL: Image Recognition Using Apache Spark with BigDL
MCL365 NEW LAUNCH! Introducing Amazon SageMaker

Media & Entertainment

MAE201 Media & Entertainment State of the Union
MAE301 Boom for Your Buck: Rendering with Spot and Deadline on AWS
MAE303 OTT State of Play: Innovation at Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, an
MAE304 Turner's Cloud Archive for CNN's Video Library and Global Multip
MAE401 Designing for Studio-Grade Security
MAE402 Media Intelligence for the Cloud with Amazon AI


MBL201 Progressive Web Apps in the Real World: Optimizing Your Web Work
MBL202 DevOps for a Mobile World: Building an iOS or Android Mobile App
MBL203 Driving effective Digital User Engagement using Analytics, Push
MBL204 Architecting Cost-Effective Mobile Backends for Scale, Security,
MBL209 Learn How MicroStrategy on AWS is Helping Vivint Solar Deliver C
MBL301 Testing and Troubleshooting with AWS Device Farm
MBL303 Learn How Amazon Leverages Amazon Pinpoint to Drive Growth and E
MBL304 Easy Demographics and Campaign Management in a Mobile World Usin
MBL305 Implement User Onboarding, Sign-Up, and Sign-In for Mobile and W
MBL306 Mobile Application Development: State of the Union
MBL307 Tracking and Optimizing Ad Monetization for Your Mobile App
MBL308 Integrating Video in Mobile Apps and Websites
MBL310 Building Hybrid and Web apps using JavaScript with AWS Mobile
MBL402 NEW LAUNCH! Data Driven Apps with GraphQL: AWS AppSync Deep Dive
MBL403 Analytics, Authentication and Data with JavaScript: AWS Amplify
MBL404 NEW LAUNCH! Realtime and Offline application development using G


NET201 Creating Your Virtual Data Center: VPC Fundamentals and Connecti
NET202 IPv6 in the Cloud: Protocol and AWS Service Overview
NET204 NEW LAUNCH! PrivateLink: Bringing SaaS Solutions into Your VPC a
NET205 Networking State of the Union
NET301 Extending Data Centers to the Cloud: Connectivity Options and Co
NET302 DNS Demystified: Global Traffic Management with Amazon Route 53
NET303 A Day in the Life of a Cloud Network Engineer at Netflix
NET304 Deep Dive into the New Network Load Balancer
NET305 Advanced VPC Design and New Capabilities for Amazon VPC
NET310 NEW LAUNCH! AWS PrivateLink Deep Dive
NET401 Network Performance: Making Every Packet Count
NET402 Elastic Load Balancing Deep Dive and Best Practices
NET403 Deep Dive: AWS Direct Connect and VPNs
NET404 Networking Many VPCs: Transit and Shared Architectures
NET405 Another Day, Another Billion Flows

Public Sector

CMP306 Architectures for HPC/HTC Workloads on AWS
CMP308 FPGA Accelerated Computing Using Amazon EC2 F1 Instances
GPSBUS213 GPS: Success in the Public Sector Market
MCL204 The Unusual Suspect: How Washington County Sheriff’s Office is u
WPS01 WWPS Breakfast
WPS203 Building Your Tech Talent Pipeline
WPS204 Effective Emergency Response in AWS
WPS205 Is AWS GovCloud Right for Your Regulated Workload?
WPS207 Building On-Demand Classrooms and Labs Using Amazon WorkSpaces a
WPS301 Navigating HIPAA and HITRUST: A Quick-Start Guide to Account Gov
WPS302 FedRAMP Accelerated: Speeding Up the ATO Process

Retail & CPG

RET301 Build a Single Customer View across Multiple Retail Channels usi
RET302 Delight your Retail Customers with an Interactive Customer Servi
RET303 Drive Warehouse Efficiencies with the Same AWS IoT technology Th
RET304 Rapidly Respond to Demanding Retail Customers with the Same Serv

Security, Compliance & Identity

SID201 IAM for Enterprises: How Vanguard Strikes the Balance Between Ag
SID202 Deep Dive on How Capital One Automates the Delivery of Directory
SID205 Building the Largest Repo for Serverless Compliance-as-Code
SID206 Best Practices for Managing Security Operations on AWS
SID207 Security Change through Feedback
SID210 A CISO’s Journey at Vonage: Achieving Unified Security at Scale
SID212 Maximizing Your Move to AWS: Five Key Lessons Learned from Vangu
SID213 Managing Regulator Expectations - Lessons Learned on Positioning
SID216 Cloud-Native App Protection: Web Application Security at Pearson
SID217 NEW LAUNCH! Introduction to Managed Rules for AWS WAF
SID218 NEW LAUNCH! Introduction to Amazon GuardDuty
SID301 Using AWS Lambda as a Security Team
SID302 Force Multiply Your Security Team with Automation and Alexa
SID303 How You can use AWS’ Identity Services to be Successful on Your
SID304 SecOps 2021 Today: Using AWS Services to Deliver SecOps
SID306 How Chick-fil-A Embraces DevSecOps on AWS
SID310 Moving from the Shadows to the Throne
SID313 Continuous Compliance on AWS at Scale
SID314 IAM Policy Ninja
SID315 Security and DevOps: Agility and Teamwork
SID316 Using Access Advisor to Strike the Balance Between Security and
SID317 Automating Security and Compliance Testing of Infrastructure-as-
SID318 From Obstacle to Advantage: The Changing Role of Security & Comp
SID319 Incident Response in the Cloud
SID320 Fraud Prevention, Detection, Lessons Learned, and Best Practices
SID321 How Capital One Applies AWS Organizations Best Practices to Mana
SID322 The AWS Philosophy of Security
SID324 Automating DDoS Response in the Cloud
SID325 Amazon Macie: Data Visibility Powered by Machine Learning for Se
SID326 AWS Security State of the Union
SID327 How Zocdoc Achieved Security and Compliance at Scale With Infras
SID328 Cloud Adoption in Regulated Financial Services
SID329 A Deep Dive into AWS Encryption Services
SID330 Best Practices for Implementing AWS Key Management Service
SID331 Architecting Security and Governance Across a Multi-Account Stra
SID332 Identity Management for Your Users and Apps: A Deep Dive on Amaz
SID344 Soup to Nuts: Identity Federation for AWS
SID347 Embedding Security into DevOps on AWS with Automation Toolsets
SID350 How Dow Jones Identifies, Analyzes, and Remediates Security Issu
SID405 Five New Security Automation Improvements You Can Make by Using


SRV210 Improving Microservice and Serverless Observability with Monitor
SRV211 Building Smart Applications Leveraging AWS to Drive Customer and
SRV215 NEW LAUNCH! AWS Serverless Application Repository
SRV301 Optimizing Serverless Application Data Tiers with Amazon DynamoD
SRV302 Building CI/CD Pipelines for Serverless Applications
SRV303 Monitoring and Troubleshooting in a Serverless World
SRV304 Building High-Throughput Serverless Data Processing Pipelines
SRV305 What's New in Serverless
SRV306 State Machines in the Wild! How Customers use AWS Step Functions
SRV307 Operating Your Serverless API in Production at Scale
SRV308 Securing Serverless Applications Step-by-step
SRV309 Keys to Successfully Monitoring and Optimizing Innovative and So
SRV310-R [REPEAT] Designing Microservices with Serverless
SRV311 Authoring and Deploying Serverless Applications with AWS SAM
SRV312 Taking Serverless to the Edge
SRV313 Building Resilient, Multi-Region Serverless Applications
SRV314 Building a Serverless Pipeline to Transcode a Two-Hour Video in
SRV315 How We Built a Mission-Critical, Serverless File Processing Pipe
SRV316 How Agero is Preventing and Detecting Vehicle Accidents in Real-
SRV317 Unlocking High Performance Computing for Financial Services with
SRV318 Research at PNNL: Powered by AWS
SRV319 How Nextdoor Built a Scalable, Serverless Data Pipeline for Bill
SRV335 Best Practices for Orchestrating AWS Lambda Workloads
SRV336 Build a Serverless, Face-Recognizing IoT Security System with Am
SRV401 Become a Serverless Black Belt: Optimizing Your Serverless Appli
SRV402 Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning on AWS Lambda
SRV403-R [REPEAT] Serverless Authentication and Authorization: Identity M


STG201 Storage State of the Union
STG202 Is Your SaaS Covered? Best Practices for Preventing Data Loss in
STG203 Get Rid of Tape and Modernize Backup with AWS
STG204 Migrating Large Scale Data Sets to the Cloud
STG205 #EarthonAWS: How NASA Is Using AWS
STG301 Deep Dive on Amazon S3 & Amazon Glacier Infrastructure, with spe
STG302 Best Practices for Amazon S3, with Special Guest, Human Longevit
STG303 Deep Dive on Amazon Glacier
STG304 Deep Dive on Data Archiving in Amazon S3 & Amazon Glacier, with
STG305 Deep Dive on Backup to the AWS Cloud
STG307 Deep Dive on Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
STG308 Hybrid Cloud Data Management: Using Data for Business Outcomes
STG309 Deep Dive: Using Hybrid Storage with AWS Storage Gateway to Solv
STG310 Files in AWS: Overcoming Storage Challenges for Common File Use
STG311 Deep Dive on Amazon S3 & Amazon Glacier Storage Management with
STG312 Best Practices for Building a Data Lake in Amazon S3 and Amazon
STG313 Big Data Breakthroughs: Process and Query Data In Place with Ama
STG314 Case Study: Learn How HERE Uses JFrog Artifactory with Amazon EF
STG315 Case Study: Learn How Thomson Reuters Uses Amazon EFS to Deliver
STG318 Case Study: Learn how to Choose and Optimize Storage for Media a
STG323 Migrating Millions of Video Content Files to The Cloud Using AWS
STG324 Learn to Build a Cloud-Scale WordPress Site That Can Keep Up wit
STG326 Learn How to Build a Scalable and Highly Available Messaging Ser
STG329 Case Study: ProtectWise Optimizes Performance of Cassandra and K
STG330 Case Study: How Experian Leverages Amazon EC2, EBS, and S3 with
STG401 This Is My Architecture - Lightning Round: Most innovative stora


TLC201 On Demand and Under Budget: Vodafone TV's Journey to a Cloud-Cen
TLC202 Reimagining Customer Service: How Aspect Used Microservices and
TLC301 Always Online: Real-Time Communications on AWS
TLC304 At the Cutting Edge: AWS IOT & Greengrass for Multi-Access Edge

We Power Tech

WPT201 Gender Identity in Tech
WPT202 Underrepresented: Bridging the Racial Digital Divide
WPT203 Diversity in Tech: Lightning Talks
WPT204 She Powers Tech: Women Supporting Women in Tech


WIN202 The Gronk Effect: Efficiently Handling Huge Spikes in Traffic Us
WIN203 VFX Rendering with Amazon EC2 for Winders Server and Thinkbox De
WIN204-R [REPEAT] Simplifying Microsoft Architectures with AWS Services
WIN301 Migrating Microsoft SQL Server Databases to AWS – Best Practices
WIN302 Deep Dive on Active Directory – From One to Many AWS Regions
WIN305 Architecting Microsoft Applications with VMware on AWS
WIN306 Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SQL Server on AWS
WIN307 Verizon: Modernizing Enterprise Infrastructure with AWS
WIN402 Extending VSTS Build/Release Pipelines to AWS
WIN403 AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory Deep Dive
WIN404 How to Extend your Office 365 Investment to AWS


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